book lovers
of all ages


Thanks for stopping by!  As your Bookster I'll be sharing my love of books in all shapes and forms.  Need help finding your next favorite book?  Loved 'The Hunger Games' series and now you're looking for a new series to start?  Want to instill a love of books in your children?  Or to start a Book Club with some friends? 
This is the place for you!
My love of books started many years ago.  As a teen long summer days were spent lounging with a book at the beach.  Fast forward to my college years--there was never any doubt that I would major in English.  I traveled to England to study Shakespeare.  I journeyed to the East Coast to see Louisa May Alcott's home.  Now as a mother of four I try to sneak in as many books as I can.  I read my Kindle while feeding my babies.  I read while my husband watches his shows in the evening.  People often ask 'How do you find time to read books with so many children??'  My response is usually to just stare at them dumbfounded--I mean, of course I'm going to read books.  It's as natural to me to read a book a day as it is to eat! 
Books are incredible really, aren't they??  If I need an escape from my troubles--turn to a book.  'Stuck' in my every day routine--turn to a book.  Feeling like a boring 'mommy'--books can cure my need for adventure.  Husband not as romantic as he once was--find a book boyfriend *wink wink*.  Kids are bored and watching their fifth episode in a row--read them a book.  Better yet, after you read the book do an activity!  Feel the need to gather with friends--start a book club.  Want to learn a new skill--books, books, books!   
So let's start reading!